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More customers. More revenue. Zero effort.


Reduced expenses

Cerve’s connected distributors decreased sales and marketing expenses.


Increase in order value

Cerve encourages customers to explore your entire assortment, putting your upsell on auto-pilot.


New buyers

Elevated ordering experience with Cerve increases customer acquisition.

Elevate your customers’ ordering experience.

Through comprehensive visualisation, Cerve provides your customers with a personalised catalogue experience and an instant way to place orders, ensuring an immediate increase in order value and complete transparency.

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Customised to your process and ERP.

Each distribution is unique and operates differently, that’s why Cerve adjusts with each distribution to maximise and assure successful results.
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Continously maintained and improved.

Cerve is a fully dedicated service that works continuously to improve platform experience and maintain both integration and products informations to assure you can enjoy complete transition into sales automation.

Frozen Red Shrimp Carabineros 1kg Eurobarer
Frozen Red Shrimp Carabineros 1kg Eurobarer Box • $35.90
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Calcot Catalan Leek 1kg Kima
Calcot Catalan Leek 1kg Kima Kilogram • $12.40
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Cerve has saved 749 510kr for our connected distributors.

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